Feast of Seven Fishes: Duluth, Minnesota

by Amelia Cohen-Levy

—for G.

The Old Copper people lived here, at the Sixth Stopping Place.
We cherished seven—the number of perfection.

We looked away to the eastern sky, beyond Monoceros
and into the Cone Nebula, seven light-years long,

a place much like where our sun was born.
Our vigil lasted well into the darkness.

I was sated. I thought of Mary,
pondering the strangeness of her belly,

stroking the place where it swelled.

Amelia Cohen-Levy currently lives in Northern Virginia with her family, including a real-life muppet and a dove-eating dog. She earned her BA from Mills College and her MFA from American University. Her work has appeared in The Nervous BreakdownThe Ilanot ReviewTablet MagazineLines+Stars580 Split, and elsewhere. Lately, she has been dreaming in PowerPoint and/or claymation.